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We are a registered voluntary charity which helps those with Lupus, supporting our members as required.

We publish a newsletter every four months and have published leaflets and booklets explaining the condition.
We arrange meetings and medical talks for members, their families and friends.

We have a Board of Directors which looks after the running of the group on a voluntary basis.
We are self-financing through donations from members and monies raised from sponsorship. We receive no government grants but have received some assistance towards the publication of our leaflets and booklets.
We are members of the European Lupus Erythematosus Federation. We also communicate with the Lupus Foundation of America.


Our Priorities are :

   To increase the public’s awareness of Lupus and its impact.

    To improve fund-raising income, so that a better programme of awareness can be undertaken.

   To increase the Group’s member base and thus contribute to both the above.



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