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What are the Symptoms

The symptoms are varied and can be similar to those found in other diseases. No two patients have exactly the same symptoms.  As SLE can affect any part of the body, it can begin with one or more, or any combination of the following symptoms :

Weight Loss
Chest Pain
Kidney disorders
Chronic fatigue
Joint/muscle pain
Hair Loss
Flu-like symptoms
Body / facial rashes
Oral / nasal ulcers
Reaction to sunlight / UV light
Kidney problems
Heart or lung damage 

Brain involvement  

Arthritis is also common but rarely causes permanent deformity as in Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Frequently a rash appears on the face, neck and hands.  However, no one individual will ever have all the possible symptoms of SLE.


The seriousness of the condition depends on which part, or parts, of the body are affected.  It can have serious consequences if not treated in time or is not treated properly. 


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